What Women Want from Travel reveals the top destinations and activities most booked and endorsed by women

To celebrate International Women’s Day (8 March), why not put yourself first and embark on a solo travel adventure. With a mission to make it easier for everyone to experience the world, presents some of the top global destinations1 most popular with female travelers. From Tokyo to São Paulo, recent global research by reveals that in 2020, women want to be immersed in local cultures and customs (31%)2 when it comes to travel, and want to be more adventurous when choosing their destinations (22%)2.

Whether looking for quality alone time to truly recharge or because after dropping hints to your friends or partner, the perfect bucket list trip still isn’t on the cards, this International Women’s Day, wants to inspire women from all over the globe to book and experience the solo trip of a lifetime. Not only are the below destinations based on global research, they also happen to play host to a series of endorsements3 most popular with solo female travelers on From city walks to local food, each destination has a plethora of activities ideal for solo traveling.


Moscow, Russia’s insights reveal that architecture is a popular endorsement for solo female travelers, and visitors to Moscow will not be disappointed by the epic Russian architecture that abounds. Moscow thrills visitors with its artistry, history and majesty; at its historic core is the Kremlin, a compound of magnificent churches, palaces and museums. Beyond these, Russia’s capital is very cosmopolitan and is one of the most traveled to destinations by solo female travelers using Women wanting to be immersed in local Russian culture will find everything they need in Moscow and will leave with a strong sense of what it is like to live in a city where the past and the future live side by side.

Where to stay
The PR Myasnitsky Boutique Hotel is the perfect base for solo female travelers to decadently indulge in the Russian lifestyle, with its charming design that wonderfully blends modern and traditional architecture. The hotel itself is located centrally and is a 20-minute walk from the historical Red Square.


Bangkok, Thailand

For solo female travelers who are looking to be more adventurous when choosing their destinations in 2020, Bangkok should not be overlooked when planning their next trip. Not only is it the gateway into Thailand’s jungle and paradise beaches, but the city itself is bursting with attractions. Insights from shows that local food is also a leading endorsement for female solo travelers, and Bangkok is an exciting destination to try out the best of Thailand’s most exquisite local delicacies. With an estimated 500,000 street vendors in Bangkok – the streets are often bustling with locals and tourists enjoying a bite to eat.

Where to stay
Located along the bank of Chao Phraya River is The Peninsula Bangkok, this luxury hotel boasts a large outdoor pool and is just a five-minute ferry ride from Saphan Taksin BTS station - the perfect place to stay to escape and unwind after a busy day exploring Bangkok’s attractions and street food markets.


Taipei, Taiwan reveals that city walks are a favourite endorsement amongst solo female travels - one of the beauties of traveling solo is that it is a unique opportunity to take yourself out of your comfort zone, allowing your independence and confidence to guide you, and walking around is the perfect way to discover a new place. Taipei is an exciting city which offers a whole host of walking experiences. Whether self-guided or in a group, the diverse selection of experiences and friendly nature of the locals promises a unique opportunity for solo travelers to be able to fully explore and appreciate the wonders of the city.

Where to stay
Star Hostel Taipei Main Station offers simple but comfortable accommodation, making it the perfect spot to rest after a long day of walking. It is ideal for solo female travelers wanting to be more adventurous as the property hosts activities and the relaxed and friendly environment ensures guests are able to easily meet other visitors from all over the world.


São Paulo, Brazil

A popular endorsement on by solo female travelers is ambience and there really is no place like São Paulo to enjoy this – travelers will get swept up in the city’s vibrant culture from the moment they arrive. For travelers wanting to appreciate the finest Latin American art, a trip to Museu de Arte de São Paulo is not to be missed. São Paulo is home to a staggering 20 million fiercely proud paulistanos (the Brazilian Porteguese term for local residents), all of whom will happily tell any traveler at length how they will never live anywhere else.

Where to stay
Ever wondered how the seriously wealthy paulistanos live? Well now travelers can find out for themselves by staying at the luxurious Hotel Emiliano. This five-star hotel has been impressively designed, featuring contemporary architecture and boasts modern and elegant rooms. The hotel even comes with its own helipad! Located in São Paulo’s ultra-stylish Oscar Freire Street, which is also traditionally known for having the most luxury boutiques in the country.


1Top Solo Travel Destinations: most booked destinations by female solo travelers during 2019

2Research commissioned by and independently conducted among a sample of adults who have taken a trip in the last 12 months/plan to take a trip in the next 12 months. In total 22,000 respondents were polled (including 1,000 each from Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, Brazil, India, US, UK, Russia, Indonesia, Colombia and South Korea; and 500 each from New Zealand, Thailand, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Croatia, Taiwan, Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden, Singapore and Israel). Respondents completed an online survey between 9th August to 28th August 2019.

3Based on endorsements from solo female users who left a review on our platform. The list was ordered by the highest amount of endorsements.