Put the "Boo" in Your Booking

Celebrate this Halloween by adding a bit of excitement in your booking and come face to face with monsters from every corner of the globe. From the Abominable Snowman in Nepal to the Zombies in Haiti, we have delved into more than 1.4 million properties in over 120,000 destinations worldwide to select the best places for a Halloween-themed stay that’s sure to be spook-tacular!


Abominable Snowman | Mount Everest, Nepal

The Abominable Snowman, also known as the Yeti, is an ape-like creature that supposedly lives in the Himalayas. Over the past centuries, there have been numerous sightings, both of the creature and its footprints. Most accounts come from Nepal, especially near Mount Everest where in 1951 a photo was taken of a huge footprint. Go look for the Abominable Snowman yourself, or at least enjoy the breath-taking scenery.

Where to stay: Panorama Lodge and Restaurant, Namche Bazar
Perched atop Namche Bazar Hill, Panorama Lodge and Restaurant is located along the trek to Mount Everest and offers rooms with mountain views and free Wi-Fi. Each room features an electric bed warmer and includes a private bathroom with running hot essentials for any soul brave enough to scale these chilling heights!


Aliens | Area 51, USA

There have been alien sightings all over the world, but if you want actual proof, Area 51 is the place to be. This top-secret military base in the Nevada desert is apparently the location where the US authorities conceal evidence of alien life, such as extra-terrestrial spacecraft and even corpses. Although you cannot access Area 51, people have seen strange lights and UFO’s in the region. Check it out yourself!

Where to stay: A Cowboy's Dream, Alamo
Surrounded by green landscaped grounds, this rustic escape includes free parking, a patio and free WiFi in all rooms. Each room at this sprawling mansion comes with hardwood floors, an iPod docking station, subtle coloured linens and unique accents. A cowboy’s Dream is a 15-minute drive from the Alien Research Centre and the Extra-terrestrial Highway.


Ghosts | Pluckley, UK

With more ghosts per square mile than anywhere else in the world, the United Kingdom is the most haunted country on earth. And according to the 1989 Guinness Book of Records the most haunted village in Britain is Pluckley in Kent, with at least 12 ghosts still haunting the area. There is the Screaming Man, who fell to his death, the Schoolmaster, who hung himself, and the Highwayman who was pinned to a tree by a sword in Fright Corner. This place is a must-visit for any fan of fear.

Where to stay: Chilston Park Hotel, Lenham
Set in a grand Grade I listed property once home to politicians and Lords, this hotel has 22 acres of rural parkland. Each unique and opulent room has a satellite TV with a DVD player, a selection of toiletries and a private bathroom with a bath and a shower. Some rooms also have a 4-poster bed and original features. Lenham is a ten minute drive from Pluckley, but if you’re lucky, you might see a ghost in the hotel itself, as it’s haunted by the phantom of an 18th century footman.


Mummies | Valley of the Kings, Egypt

If you want to know more about mummies, you should travel to the Valley of the Kings. In this Egyptian necropolis, more than 60 tombs have been found, including that of Tutankhamun. But beware of the curse of the pharaohs! Shortly after Tutankhamun’s tomb was opened several members of the expedition suffered untimely and mysterious deaths. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Where to stay: Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa, Luxor
Nestled on the banks of the Nile, Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa offers stylish rooms with uninterrupted views from the water’s edge, luxurious spa facilities and stunning infinity pools. The Valley of the Kings is just on the other side of the Nile, but by car it is still 38 kilometres because you need to cross the water. The temples of Karnak and the Mummification Museum are on the same bank and much closer.


Sharks | Cape Town, South Africa

There is no doubt about it, sharks exist. While they can be deadly, most of them are not that interested in human meat. Still, it doesn’t mean you should dive in shark infested waters, unless you are in a cage. Around Cape Town some of the best shark cage diving experiences are offered. This is your chance to see sharks up close and personal, but in a safe environment, just make sure you don’t watch any shark attack movies before you go!

Where to stay: The Andros Boutique Hotel, Cape Town
The Andros Boutique Hotel is situated a 15-minute drive away from Cape Town’s city centre and a 20-minute drive from the V & A Waterfront where shark cage diving is offered. This manor house in Cape Dutch style is set in large park-like gardens in the heart of Claremont, and offers country chic rooms with free WiFi and a seating area. Facilities include an outdoor swimming pool, a beauty salon, a gym and a sauna.


Vampires | Čachtice, Slovakia

Most of those in search of vampires travel to Romania, where former Transylvania can be found. But why not go to Slovakia for a change? In Čachtice you’ll find the ruins of Čachtice Castle that once was the home, and later the prison, of Elizabeth Báthory. She contributed to the blood drenched history of vampirism, by torturing and killing hundreds of girls. Some were covered in bite-marks...

Where to stay: Palatín, Čachtice
Situated in the centre of Čachtice town Palatín offers a self-catered accommodation, with free Wi-Fi in the entire property and free private parking possible on site. All rooms in Palatín come with a TV and a private bathroom with a shower or a bathtub. Some rooms also have a balcony. The surrounding area is great for hiking and cycling. Čachtice Castle, which was also used as the location for Count Orlok's castle in Nosferatu, is one mile from the accommodation.


Zombies | L'Estère, Haiti

According to anthropologists Zora Neale Hurston and Wade Davis, zombies do exist and they live in Haiti, but contrary to popular believe they do not eat brains. Zombies are actually victims themselves, turned into slaves by a ‘Bokor’ a Vodou sorcerer, using neurotoxins and hallucinogens. Wade Davis spoke to several zombies himself, including Clairvius Narcisse from L'Estère, who died in 1962, but returned to his village 18 years later.

Where to stay: Royal Decameron Indigo - All Inclusive, Montrouis
Royal Decameron Indigo Beach Resort & Spa is a beachfront resort located in Montrouis and offers an outdoor swimming pool and an on-site restaurant. An array of activities can be enjoyed on site or in the surrounding area, including table tennis and canoeing. It is about an hour’s drive from L'Estère, and 75 minutes from Hôpital Albert Schweitzer in Desjardines where Narcisse ‘died’.