A Local's Guide to Discovering the Best of Europe

The 1st of January 2017 marks 15 years since the single Euro currency was introduced across Europe. To mark this milestone and celebrate the delights that the continent has to offer, we're uncovering the very best destinations for history, food and culture in Europe from amongst the first wave of EU member states.

Our data experts at bring you a local’s guide to the top destinations for culture, food and history from those first countries to join the European Union. Delving into review data from millions of travellers, we've found where domestic travellers are recommending within their own country*, revealing some hidden European gems just waiting to be discovered…


The picturesque Spanish village of Melide was founded in the 10th century and its economy is mainly based on agriculture. travellers endorse this destination for food, friendly people and tranquility.


Thessaloniki is one of the most lively Greek cities and famous for its long history and local cuisine. travellers have endorsed this city for food, shopping and nightlife.


Famous for its focaccia with cheese dish, the Italian seaside town of Recco is a secret gem with colourful houses overlooking the Ligurian Sea. travellers have endorsed this town for seaside, scenery and food.


The charming Irish city of Cork is home to beautiful Georgian style buildings along the banks of the River Lee and is ideal for family holidays. travellers endorse this destination for friendly people, shopping and food.


The town of Dobrovo in Slovenia is located near the Italian borders and is home to the Dobrovo castle which was rebuilt at the beginning of the 17th century. travellers endorse this destination for wine travel, scenery and food.



The spa town of Bad Ischl is a place of unique Alpine beauty thanks to the surrounding mountains and lakes. Rich in history and culture, travellers endorse this Austrian destination for nature, hiking and culture.


Every year, the German town of Bayreuth hosts the Richard Wagner Festival during the months of July and August. Rich in architecture this destination is endorsed by travellers for old town, culture and opera.


Home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Abbey of Our Lady of Fontevraud, one of the largest Abbeys in Europe the French village of Fontevraud L'Abbaye is endorsed by travellers for history, architecture and tranquility.


The Dutch city of The Hague is the seat of the Supreme Court, the Dutch parliament and different international organisations and courts. This unique city manages to combine the old with the new and is endorsed by travellers for museums, shopping and beach.


Mainly endorsed by customers for culture, scenery and fine dining, the Italian town of Recanati is home to a variety of cultural sights like the Recanati cathedral and the Recanati Museum and Municipal Gallery.



The charming English town of Malmesbury is a popular destination thanks to its historic 12th century Abbey. travellers endorse this destination for history, scenery and relaxation.


Medina del Campo is a Spanish town endorsed on for castles, history and tranquility. The medieval castle of La Mota is one of the town’s main landmarks thanks to its history and location.


Known as the home of Charles de Gaulle, the French village of Colombey les deux Eglises is home to his memorial and a destination endorsed by travellers for history, tranquility and monuments.


The Portuguese town of Batalha is known for the stunning Gothic architecture Monastery of Batalha. travellers endorse this destination for monuments, history and cathedral.


Known as the birthplace of the great reformer Martin Luther, the small German city of Lutherstadt Eisleben is endorsed by travellers for history, churches and culture.


*The data analysts segmented travellers based on their nationality and then found some of the highest-endorsed destinations within the first wave of EU member states (joined before 2004) when it came to food, culture and history.